With our many years of experience and know-how, we are contributing to improve production processes and development work in various industries.

Domestic appliance

Detergents, Adhesives, Pigments/Paints,
Powder coatings, Iron oxides, Fibers,
Diapers (SAP), Hollow fiber membranes,
Toners, Titanium oxide, Zinc carbonate,
Activated carbon, Magnesium sulfate

Chemical products

POM, PU, TPU, Filler (talc), EPS, PVB PA66, PC, SAP, PPS, Acryl resin, Fluorite, Phenol, Resin dope, Aramid, Special PA, PVA, PMMA, Epoxy resin


Sealant, Catalysts (zirconia, alumina),
Synthetic rubber, Neodymium alloy,
Carbon black, Electrode slurry,
Positive electrode material,
Lithium-ion battery (cathode),
Negative electrode material (graphite, activated carbon, metal Si, SiO), Electrode (carbon),
All solid-state battery (solid electrolyte), Biomass,
Aluminum hydroxide, Nickel hydroxide,
Phenol resin, Calcium carbonate, Graphite,
Carbon nanotube (CNT)

IT・Electronic components

EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound),
Electrostatic toner, power semiconductors,
Optical materials, Liquid crystal polymers(LCP),
Aluminum nitride, Carbon, Ceramic powder,
Aramid fiber, Magnetic paints,
Special carbon materials, Diamond powder


Chocolate, Health foods, Artificial sweeteners,
Additives, Solid fats, Soft candy, Proteins,
Flour, Cheese, Food Additives, Rice crackers,
Fishmeal, Starch


Artificial sweetener, Crystalline cellulose,
Troche, Magnesium hydroxide,
Potassium chloride, Dialysis membrane


Fly ash disposal, Recycled resin, Rice husks,
Shells, Eggshells, Waste recycling,
Solvent recovery and residue separation from waste solvent

Ceramic industry

Ceramics, Grinding stones,
Cerium oxide, Zircon sand, Silica,
Inorganic slurry, Activated carbon, SiC,
Aluminum hydroxide, Gypsum

Metal industry

Rare metal ores, Rare earth ores, Copper slag