Lithium-ion battery (cathode)

Introduction of Kneader

Product Name

Twin-Shaft Continous Kneader「KRC Kneader」

  • Increased production efficiency by changing from batch to continous operation.
  • Production of low viscosity slurries without variations in the mixing ratio is possible due to the high dispersion and agitation capabilities.
  • Abrasion-resistant specification available.

KRC Kneader

Inside view of KRC Kneader
after experiment

Introduction of Grinders

Product Name

Airflow Micro-Grinder「Cross Jet Mill」

  • Fine milling at several µm level and sharp-peaked particle size distribution.
  • Metal contamination-free specification available, by using ceramic parts for the raw material contact areas.
  • Grinding in an inert gas atmosphere is possible.

Jet Mill

Cross-sectional schematic diagram
of the Jet Mill

Introduction of Calciners

Product Name

External Heating Type Continous Rotary Kiln
「Ceramic Kiln (metal contamination-free)」

  • Continous calcination at high temperatures (up to 1,300℃).
  • Ceramic (SiC) retort enables continuous calcination and heat treatment and avoids metal contamination.
  • Calcination and heat treatment under controlled atmosphere is possible.

Ceramic Type Rotary Kiln

Ceramic (SiC) Retort