Contact us

Please contact us and let us know about your concerns regarding existing equipment, consideration of changing to new equipment or issues with the development of a new product, etc.
Please send us the details via our email inquiry form


We will propose experimental conditions based on our testing machinery according to your requirements.

Sending raw materials

Please send us the raw materials used in the experiment.
If necessary, we will conduct pretesting of the material like moisture measuring and powder testing.

Conducting experiments

The experiments will be conducted under your supervision and can take from one day up to one week.
In case you cannot attend in person, we can also perform remote experiments (live broadcasting) and independent tests without your presence.

Submission of report

After the experiment, we will submit a report including the operation data and our analysis of the outcome.
Test samples will be handed over to you for further evaluation.
We can also carry out a simple evaluation.
In case that the results do not meet your requirements, we will determine new testing conditions together with you and conduct the experiment again.

Determining equipment specifications

Based on the test results, our sales and technical staff will determine the equipment specifications and provide an estimation.

Remote experiments
Participation in remote experiments
is possible.

The experiment will be broadcasted in real time.

The entire experiment
can be followed.

The experiment can be observed from different angles due to multiple cameras.

Screen during remote experiment

The screen can be enlarged and customized.

Remote conferencing
Remote meetings

Remote meetings can be held simultaneously while conducting the experiment.