PPS / Polyphenylene sulfide

Introduction of Solvent Recovery Equipment
(NMP recovery from liquid waste)

Product Name

SC Processor Differential Speed Type「SCPD」

  • Stable, continous operation and conveying due to twin-shaft self-cleaning type screws, even with highly viscous or adhesive materials as well phase changing materials.
  • A heat transfer medium can circulate in the body and the screws, providing a large heat transfer area even in smaller models.
  • It is specialized in devolatilization as well as solid-liquid separation and can be operated under depressure conditions.

Cross-sectional schematic diagram

Inside view of the SCPD

Introduction of Granulators

Product Name

Dry Compression Granulator
「MRCP Roll Compactor」

  • Sheet forming without binder and increase of apparent specific gravity due to biaxial roll structure.
  • Stable feeding of adhesive powders, compared to single-shaft roll compactors, due to twin-shaft self-cleaning type feeding srew.
  • Easy particle size adjustment, when used in combination with a granulator.

MRCP Roll Compactor

Screen Type Granulator

Introduction of Reactors

Product Name

Twin-Shaft Continous Reactor「HB Reactor」

  • Change from batch to continous production.
  • Processing at high temperatures and under
    high vacuum.
  • Long residence time due to unique paddle shape.

HB Reactor

HB Reactor Paddles