This floor is used to conduct tests on drying and calcining processes and
has an air-conditioned environment to avoid seasonal temperature and humidity effects.

1CD Dryer

The CD Dryer is a twin-shaft agitation type indirect heating dryer with excellent thermal efficiency.

2Batch type steam tube dryer

A steam tube dryer for batch testing of small volume samples.

3Open type batch rotary kiln

The visual inspection of the calcination status through a viewing window is possible.

4Closed type batch rotary kiln

A closed batch rotary kiln suitable for testing under special atmospheres.

5Ceramic type rotary kiln

A continuous rotary kiln that uses SiC for the calcination retort.

6Batch type fluidized bed dryer

This is a fluidized bed dryer for batch testing of small volume samples.

7Other drying/calcining equipment

In addition, we also provide other drying and calcining test equipment on this floor.