This floor is used to conduct tests on grinding and granulating processes.
We also offer grinding tests in a machine internal inert gas atmosphere.

Pocket Jet KJ25

1Compact Jet Mill area

The compact fluidized bed jet mill for research and product development purposes can be operated continuously for short periods of time.

Pocket Jet Jr. PJ6

1Compact Jet Mill area

This is desktop size fluidized bed jet mill allows testing with smaller amounts of material compared to the KJ25.


1Compact Jet Mill area

A fluidized bed jet mill that can efficiently grind highly adhesive raw materials.

High-speed Planetary Mill“High G" BX382

2High-speed Planetary Mill area

The “High G” planetary mill can apply energy of about 150G to the material through high-speed centrifugal acceleration. “High G” can be used for scale-up tests (pot capacity: 2.4L x 2, 0.5L x 2) based on test results (alloying, compounding, etc.) with a smaller planetary mill.

3Low humidity room

The low humidity room is low humidity test space and can be used to conduct tests on moisture-sensitive materials, like materials for lithium-ion batteries.


4Medium-sized Jet Mill area

A fluidized bed jet mill that can efficiently grind highly adhesive raw materials.

Cross Jet Mill KJ50

4Medium-sized Jet Mill area

This medium-size fluidized bed jet mill can be operated continuously and thus confirm the reproducibility of test results, which were obtained with a smaller size jet mill.

Cross Jet Mill KJ200

5Large-sized Jet Mill area

This large-size fluidized bed jet mill that can confirm the reproducibility and processing capacity based on test results from smaller and medium-sized jet mills.


6Analytical laboratory

In the analytical laboratory test results can be analyzed and product samples examined to confirm particle size distribution, moisture content, and slurry viscosity.

Roller Compactor MRCP-200


The MRCP-200 is a horizontal dry compression granulator. Granulation of various powders is possible without using a binder material.