This floor is used to conduct tests on continuous kneading and reaction processes.
There is also a VR experience area located at the entrance.

Twin-screw continuous kneader/KRC Kneader

1Kneading process area

The continuous kneader (KRC) offers an excellent kneading performance due to the co-rotating twin screws and paddles.

Twin-screw continuous hybrid reactor/HB Reactor

2Reacting process area

The continuous hybrid reactor (HB) improves the degree of polymerization while maintaining a long residence time at a high temperature and vacuum.

3Experiment area

Experiments on various raw materials and with different equipment are conducted here. The partition walls can be used as whiteboards.

4Meeting room

Customers can observe the test through the glass walls while holding a meeting with our engineers. The wall in the back can be used as a whiteboard.

5VR experience area

In this area you can we offer a virtual experience of our testing equipment including the KRC Kneader. You can check the actual machine size and simulate the assembly/disassembly of the machine, etc.