At our Machinery Technology Center, we provide various of drying and calcining machines and
can respond to different requests.

At Machine Technology Center, we have a wide variety of dryer and calcining machine in our lineup. we can respond to various customer requests.

    • Selection of optimal dryer according to processing conditions and raw material properties.
    • Low drying irregularities through agitation, mixing, and fluidization.
    • Heating and cooling through various media (steam, hot water, heating oil, cold water, electricity, LPG, etc.).
    • Drying in an inert gas such as nitrogen possible.
  • Drying, Cooling, Crystallization, Sterilization, Desolventing, Heat treatment
Processable materials
  • Resins (ABS, PVC, PE, PP, PS, PC etc.)
    Foods (Additives, maltose, glucose, granulated sugar, etc.)
    Battery materials (Co, Ni, Li)
    Inorganic materials (Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, barium sulfate, iron sulfate, etc)
    Carbon, Activated carbon, Sludge, Ore, Fertilizer

Indirect Heating Type Dryers

Indirect Heating Type Dryer testing equipment
CD Dryer
CD Dryer
A compact, twin-shaft, agitation heating type dryer with high thermal efficiency.
SC Processor Differential Speed Type
SC Processor Differential speed type
A twin-screw heating type dryer specialized for handling adhesive and highly viscous raw materials.
Steam Tube Dryer
Steam tube dryer
A horizontal rotary dryer with an internal steam heating pipe.

Direct Heating Type Dryers

Direct Heating Type Dryer testing equipment
Fluidized Bed Dryer
/Band Type Airflow Dryer
Fluidized Bed Dryer/Band Type Through-flow Dryer
Hot air is vented into the machine to dry raw materials in a fluid or stationary state.

Calcining Machinery
    • Calcining at temperatures up to 1300℃
    • Exact temperature control is possible.
    • Fast processing and low irregularities due to the agitating rotary furnace.
    • High atmosphere control through excellent air sealing.
    • Calcining in atmospheres such as nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon, and carbon dioxide is possible.
  • Calcination, Reaction, Heat treatment, Oxidation, Reduction, Carbonization, Dry distillation, Activation
Processable materials
  • Activated carbon, Pigments, Cosmetic ingredients, Ferrite, Battery materials (Co、Ni、Li ), Semiconductors, Electronic components, Abrasives, Carbon, Ceramics, Rare metals, etc.

Batch Type Rotary Kilns

Batch Type Rotary Kiln testing equipment
Closed Type Batch Rotary Kiln
Closed type Rotary Kiln
The calcining time can be adjusted and the calcining process can be performed in a special atmosphere.
Open Type Batch Rotary Kiln
Open type Rotary Kiln
Visual check of the calcining status inside the kiln through a viewing window.

Continuous Type Rotary Kilns

Continuous Type Rotary Kiln testing equipment
External Heating Type Rotary Kiln
External heating type Rotary Kiln
Reduced calcination irregularities and shortened residence time due to hexagonal shaped body.
Ceramic Type Rotary Kiln
Ceramic type Rotary Kiln
Rotary kiln for high temperature (up to 1300℃) and metal contamination-free calcination.