At our Machinery Technology Center, we provide various grinding machines and granulators and
can also respond to requests beyond simply grinding and granulating materials.

At Machine Technology Center, we have a wide variety of grinding machine and granulators in our lineup. In addition to simply grinding and granulating materials, we can respond to various customer requests.

    • Handling of a wide range of target particle sizes from a few millimeters to micrometers.
    • Selection of testing machinery based on requirements for grinding characteristics, like surface grinding, volume grinding and particle shape.
    • Lab size to full-scale testing machinery available.
    • Most suitable testing machinery is selected to meet the customers’ requests, like reduction of contamination or fine powder generation.
    • Grinding in an inert gas atmosphere such as nitrogen or argon is possible.
  • Atmosphere controlled grinding (N₂, Ar, etc.), Adhesion improvement, Contamination reduction, Overgrinding control, Pulverization, Fine grinding (submicron, single micron), Classification, Dry/wet grinding, Mechanochemical (MC) grinding, Mechanical alloying (MA), Bulk density improvement, Granulation, Yield improvement

Usage (example)

Grinding & Granulating
Atmosphere controlled grinding
Atmosphere control grinding
Inert gas (Ar, N₂) atmosphere/ antioxidation
Adhesion and sticking problems
/High product recovery rate
Adhesion/sticking problems/ High product recovery rate
Efficient grinding of sticky and difficult-to-flow raw materials
Contamination-free/Particle size control
Contamination free / Particle size control
Alternative for jet mills that have trouble with contamination

Grinding and granulating machinery line-up

Grinding & Granulating
Cross Jet Mill
(Fluidized bed type jet mill)
Cross jet mill
Contamination-free/ Inert gas atmosphere/ High-mix low-volume production/ Sharp particle size distribution/ Pulverization and dispersion of agglomerates/ Laboratory machine
(Jet mill for sticky materials)
Adhesion and sticking problems/ Pharmaceuticals and food/ Rare raw materials/ High product recovery rate/ Small volume pulverization
VX Mill
(Rotating table type vertical roller mill)
VX Mill
Abrasion resistance/ Fine grinding/ Low power consumption (energy saving)/ High volume production/ Low noise/ Easy maintenance
High-speed planetary Mill High-G
(Large size planetary mill)
High-speed planetary Mill High-G
MA/ MC/ Inert gas atmosphere/ Synthesis of new materials/ Rotation and reverse operation/ Gravity acceleration 150G
Agitating Mill
(Dry/wet vertical agitating mill)
Agitating Mill
Combination with classifier/ Closed circuit grinding/ Ultrafine grinding/ Submicron
Roller Compactor MRCP
Horizontal dry compression granulator
Roller Compactor MRCP
Granulation without binder/ Adhesive raw materials/ Resins/ Fillers/ Engineering plastics
Granulating machine
2 models: roll type and screen type/ Fine powder control/ Resins/ Fillers/ Engineering plastics

Reference application range of grinding machine

Depending on the raw material, we may be able to also handle particle sizes outside of the scope. Please contact us for further information.

AVX Mill grinding example
BCross Jet Mill grinding example